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Things to Talk about with Your Crush​




Once in a blue moon, you develop certain sweet, innocent feelings toward someone that drives you crazy since you can’t stop thinking about them. But, when they are in front of you, your nerves get the best of you and you start fumbling. This situation is not foreign to anyone.  It’s unfortunate when you can’t have a decent conversation with your crush. As a result, you are unable to give a voice to your inner feelings.


Well, time to say goodbye to this situation because today we are going to help you sort out the things that you can talk about with your crush, giving you a better chance of both knowing your crush further and letting him or her know a bit about you. So, are you ready to talk to your crush?

























Topics of Conversations for Your Crush


The following topics are a great way to initiate a conversation with your crush. They are neither too shallow nor too intense. Besides, these topics provide you with the best opportunity to make the communication fluid. Without any further delay, let’s check these topics out.


Favorite Hang ut Joint


Ask your crush about where he or she likes to hang out in his or her free time. This will not only give you an idea of his or her preferences but knowing about it may increase your chances of meeting him or her by visiting the same place.

Your crush may hang out at a particular club, bar, restaurant, park, lake, or neighbourhood where you also hang out, but at a different time or day of the week. So, you can coordinate and meet your crush in a common hangout joint. Mind you, the hangout joint doesn’t necessarily have to be a fancy one like an expensive lounge or restaurant. It can be a campus of a college or a friend’s place too.




A great way to kill nervous jitters is by asking your crush about his or her hobbies. Usually, people list out a bunch of hobbies. This means that when your crush answers this question, you will get the time to think about your hobbies as well and answer them accordingly.


It is very well possible that both you and your crush have some common hobbies such as creative writing, wildlife photography, swimming, gardening, and cake baking,  among others. Learning about one’s hobby will also give you a sneak-peek of their personalities. If both of you have any matching hobbies, you can explore it together, thereby, giving yourself more bonding time.


Travel Destinations


One of the most important dating tips is to know about each other’s travel preferences. So, while getting to know your crush, ask him or her which are the ideal travel destinations he or she prefers? Is he or she a beach or a mountain person? Does your crush prefer going to mainstream tourist spots or unexplored and unorthodox locations? Which time of the year he or she likes to travel?


In the same line of thought, ask your crush as to whether he or she prefers to take roadways, railways, airways, or waterways. You can even ask whether he or she prefers one high-budget vacation a year or a couple of small low-budget vacations a year. These little trinkets can tell a lot about your crush and vice-versa.


Life Goals


Understand what your crush wants to achieve in his or her life in the future. Check out whether his or her goals align with yours or not. It doesn’t necessarily mean that both of you have to opt for the same occupation. It means checking out whether your life goals would allow you two to stay in the same vicinity to each other or not.


Whatever relationship advice you seek from anywhere, all of them would advise you to check how pragmatic your future could be with your partner. Comparing life goals can help you find the answer to this question. Besides, it will also show your crush that you are taking an interest and trying to genuinely know him or her.


Favorite TV Shows and Movies


Everyone’s taste is unique. Some prefer horror and rom-com, while some can love a combination of sci-fi and drama. Therefore, ask your crush what type of TV shows they prefer. You can further breakdown the question by being more specific. For instance, ask “Do you like fiction or reality TV”, “Do you like miniseries or series with multiple seasons?”, “What type of action film you like – martial arts or war or ultra-modern action films?”


If your taste matches with your crush, don’t forget to give him or her compliments since it would make him or her feel good about it. After all, if your crush sees that you are genuinely appreciating his or her choices, it might bloom into something serious. Get an idea of the type of compliments to use from here.


Proud Moments


Speaking of feeling good, try to dig a little deeper and let the conversation flow in a way where you can talk about the moments in your life that made both of you proud of yourselves.  


This will tell you what does your crush value in his or her life, or what inspires him or her. Besides, this will make your conversation more personalized and intimate. It can be anything from an academic or sports achievement to saving someone’s life. What makes someone proud is subjective and you should respect it.

























To Conclude


You have only one life. So, don’t live it with regrets. If you like someone, then let him or her know about it and use these conversation topics to communicate with them. If it works out, then well and good; and if it doesn’t, then at least you can say to yourself that you tried instead of regretfully saying “I wish” sometime in your future.


Learn more dating advice and explore new dimensions in your relationships. Love is a beautiful emotion; feel it, express it, live it, because you deserve it. Having a crush is a wonderful feeling. Don’t let it slip away before making at least some effort.